There is hope!

Today I am feeling blessed. Today I want you to know Jesus like I do. Today I want to shout from the rooftop that Jesus is the answer, a wonderful counselor, beautiful savior, and glorious Lord. I don’t feel these things because my life is perfect…far from it actually. I feel these things because I have read that they are true in the Bible, and I have lived through many crisis times, boring times, happy times, just life times and have experienced that Jesus’ love is the best gift I ever have gotten and ever will get. There is just nothing like it, period. People will be fickle. Money will never satisfy. Health will fail. Life will end. Relationships will disappoint. Whatever this world tells us is important is merely dust in the wind. But there is hope.

There is hope because Jesus came to this world. He understands our existence as one of us. And he died in our place. God is holy and we are not, so there is this impassable chasm between us. Jesus took our blame and became the payment for our sins so we can have a relationship with God. Grace. Free and available to all who want it. Why, because God loves us.

Maybe today you are feeling angry at God for something you have gone through or are currently experiencing. Maybe today you read these words and remember church people who were hypocrites and it stirs up bad memories. Maybe you just think it is dumb. Maybe you don’t understand and don’t believe there even is a God that created everything. I don’t know where you are as you read these words today, but I’m thankful you are reading them. God is not afraid of having a bad reputation. He is God and He knows he is the sovereign creator of the universe. He is not over-confident or uppity, He is God…there is no other like him. He needs no helper, no social security, and no identity-theft protection.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…security for eternity. You don’t have to wonder if he will love you or be faithful, he can’t help it, he is holy and he is God. You don’t have to “be good”, whatever that means, and you can’t do enough to merit his favor.

Why this soapbox today after months of silence on the blog? I’m not sure really, but someone must need these words today because I can’t help but write them. I pray the truth in them will change hearts and lives. God is the only one that can do that, he is truth, he is love.

Life with Jesus is not all chocolate and roses. Life is still life. The difference is hope. And help. I can’t imagine life without Jesus. He is my constant companion, my sounding board, my security, my confidence, my protector, my strength, my salvation, and my smile. He promises in his word to never leave me or forsake me and he is faithful yesterday, today, and forever. He has been there when the sorrow and pain have nearly taken my breath away and enabled me to stand again. He has been there when the day is just a day and enabled me to continue on. And he has been there when celebration and joy overwhelm my heart and shown me his love. He is there…always.

Just today I was reading Psalm 139. He knows us, every thought, every fiber of our being, and he loves us. I know there is a lot of pain in the world. Lots of confusion, fear, doubt, and anger all around. Lots of people saying there is no hope and we are all doomed. Others saying they know how to solve the problems. But just know, there is hope and you can have it, you can know him. You don’t have to understand it today, you can just call on the name of Jesus and ask him to open your eyes to who he is and to soften your heart to his voice. He loves you.


4 Responses

  1. You are an eloquent friend of God and I cannot tell you how blessed I am that you know our Friend and Savior! I love you!

  2. Amen Sister!

  3. Wonderful, honest, purposeful, heartfelt post Jodi! God is at work behind the scenes with His purposes we can be sure, drawing us and other to Himself. Love seeing the Spirit talk to your heart and you obedience to listen and respond! Love you dear one!!! Mama K

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