I’d like to introduce…Quiet

flowers  Today I am blessed with an extra day.  How did that happen?  Not needed at work and put on-call, I now have time at home that was not expected.  An “extra  day”.  After I got the call, I laid in bed and was thankful to the Lord.  The past two weeks have been very busy and stressful and I gladly welcome unexpected  time to be quiet and at home.  My mind started to form a to-do list and organize all the tasks I could now accomplish…clean bathrooms, mop, dust, bathe the  dog…you know super fun stuff.  Then the voice  in my heart stopped me.  Quiet is what I told God I needed.  Quiet and time to be still is what I prayed for.  Time to recover physically and emotionally from the stress of the past couple weeks.  I faced a choice: carry on with the whole to-do list, task-oriented plan or accept the gift of refreshment from the Lord that came packaged in time to be still and quiet.

 “Be still and know that I am God”.  Psalms 46:10

Perhaps that seems ridiculous to you.  Maybe you are not familiar with the idea of a quiet day at home.  Maybe your life is crazy every waking moment.  Maybe you feel like you only can react and put out fires all day long. Maybe you believe that you don’t have time to plan or make choices.  Maybe the idea of having time without tasks frightens you.  Maybe you aren’t so good with “quiet”; maybe it makes you uncomfortable.  I can relate to all of those things.  This life can get packed full and be really hard.

So, let me introduce you to being still and quiet.  It isn’t so much about physically not moving as it is about mental quietness and environmental calm.  I am making choices today that provide my mind and spirit with rest and calm.  It isn’t about being lazy, it is about being intentional.  It isn’t about being irresponsible, it is about being present with each activity and doing one thing at a time.  It is about taking care of myself and doing what I know I need instead of just surviving the day.  It certainly isn’t about some new age thing or finding power within myself, it is about being in tune with my creator and leaning into his loving care.

Being outside is one way I still my mind and heart.  As I look around and see all that has been created without my input or control (or yours I might add) it is a great reminder that I am a small part of a huge story!  That brings peace and perspective. I began today by buying and planting flowers in my flower bed.  As I placed each one in the dirt, I was sure to notice the sunshine on my skin and the cool breeze.  God had brought another day without any help from me…and he wanted me to just enjoy it.   When we make decisions and face emotions from a quiet and still heart clarity and healing can come.  The enemy wants us to be frazzled and bombards us with distractions.  God offers us peace and rest.

So, at this point if you are a mom to small children you would probably like to ring my neck.  You may be thinking, “Of course you can have quiet and stillness, your kids are in college!” Here’s what I want you to hear.  Just as you can have mental unrest and chaos even if you have nothing on your to-do list; you can have a quiet and still mind and heart even when the day is busy.  I’ve experienced many a day off that was riddled with anxiety and unrest because my mind was not quiet.  Maybe you don’t have time to sit and journal for 30 minutes, but you do have time to take a deep breath, slow your brain down, and thank God for your day as you brush your teeth.  Be intentional…you have time.  Instead of listening to the radio in the car on the way to school, remind your kids of a family vacation and ask them to share what their favorite memory is from the trip.  Be intentional…you have time.  It doesn’t take very long to connect, still your heart, and remember  what you priorities are and in the process.

 “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” Psalms 23:2-3

I love to write.  I process emotions and thoughts as I share them with you.  This is calming to me.  The idea that maybe one of you will be encouraged as you read thrills my heart.  That blesses me.  I have learned over the years that my entire family benefits from me taking time to be still and quiet.  My husband fiercely protects my alone time, he has learned over the years how important it is for me and for us!  I am a much better help-mate to him when I take time to be still by the “quiet waters”.  I am much better prepared to respond to challenging circumstances when I am refreshed.  I have more energy to give at work and it is easier to serve the families at the hospital when I am peaceful and rested emotionally.  These things don’t just happen, we must be intentional.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28



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  1. Thanks Jodi for this reminder!


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