Keeping it real

It is amazing how sticking with something that is difficult can change you for the better.  I have absolutely learned this through 24 years of marriage, parenting two boys, trying to create a career, and building friendships!  Life just kicks us around sometimes and suddenly we find ourselves in circumstances that we never imagined we would be in!   The challenges we face may be relational, physical, mental, financial…any area of life can collapse and present you hardships.  In that time it is easy to look at other people and think that no one else has experienced the pain or trauma that we are currently enduring, but everybody has their battles to face.   As long as we are on the Earth, there will be trials.  (John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”)

So, how do we come through a crisis stronger in the end instead of losing ourselves in self-pity and living as a victim?  I believe that it is by staying real.  So often when the big trials come, we start reacting from a place of fear.  When we do that, we can get overwhelmed with worst-case scenarios and emotions and lose our grip on what the truth is and what is real.  Even when “real” is devastating…trying to walk through it with your eyes focused on the facts instead of purely emotions enables you to grow and learn as you take one day at a time and travel through to better days.

As I’ve walked through the trials I have faced I have changed so much, I’ve matured and developed coping skills!  I am reaping the benefits of not be ruled by emotions.  I am so much more stable emotionally then I used to be and it helps me in every area of my life!  Walking through daily life things can come up that start to throw me for a loop and I can so much more readily discipline my thinking to look at the facts of the situation and not ramp myself up into panic and make it all worse!  This growth has happened over a lot of time and a lot of challenges, it is process, not a switch, and I finally accept that.  While our circumstances are sometimes (a lot of times) out of our control, our reactions are always in our control.  Mental discipline is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mental discipline enables us to hang in there and learn from life’s curve balls.  Stick in there my friends, you will grow and learn and you will prevail if you just keep it real!  This is not to say that emotions are bad or should not be experienced!  Stuffing or ignoring emotions causes so many problems!  I just want to encourage you to not get lost in them.  Sometimes you need help navigating a crisis.  I spent some time in one on one counseling and it helped me walk through that current crisis as well as gave me many tools for facing new ones.  Just don’t give up, my friends, determine that you will not be beat down but strengthened!  Create the life you want.


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