Calling all Mercy Girls!

AuntJodiFor my fellow Mercy Girls…

I just posted fliers around the department, I am starting a u.b.healthy group at work!  There is no cost to you except an hour of your time.  We’ll talk about a healthy lifestyle topic each month and share, laugh, relate, and grow together, it will be fun!  The first meeting in November 18th and we will meet in conference room 2 at the hospital.  Check out the flier for all the details…can’t wait to get started!

As October begins and the rush towards the holidays starts, just enjoy a moment here and be still.  As your morning starts today, notice how blue the sky is and how nice the sun feels on your face.  Notice how melodic the bird’s song is as they flit from tree to tree.  Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs all the way up, then slowly let it all out, relaxing your shoulders.  You can notice these things as you are moving through you day, it doesn’t take any extra time, but it may help you remember that this day is to be enjoyed, not just survived.

A healthy lifestyle has many components.  Take steps towards a healthier you today!  Maybe you can just be sure to eat 5 servings of vegetables today.  Maybe you can be sure to smile and be friendly, it will reduce your own stress level and those around you!  Maybe you can plan an evening without TV and talk a walk after dinner.  Maybe you can set a date to have your family over for dinner.  Don’t just get swept through your life, you get to make choices and make it what you want it to be!


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